6th Conference

For the sixth "Frontiers in Mathematical Sciences" conference, like past years, leading Iranian mathematicians from around the world are invited to present lectures.  The compilation of invited papers will be published as a monograph entitled Mathematics and Related Fields.  This year the conference will be hosted by Sharif University of Technology, and extensive graduate student participation from various educational institutions is expected.  We hope that these annual events will contribute to the establishment of research networks between mathematicians in Iran and abroad and provide international recognition for Iranian mathematical activities.

Mission and Vision

The annual conferences "Frontiers in Mathematical Sciences" are intended to create a structure for the communication and international cooperation between mathematicians in Iran and abroad.  The conferences have the following objectives:

  • Creating a forum for effective communication in the community of Iranian mathematicians.
  • Making the Iranian mathematical community especially graduate students and younger mathematicians acquainted with frontiers in mathematical sciences.
  • Generating opportunities to define common research projects.
  • Providing scientific lectures on topics on the frontiers in mathematical sciences with high standards.
  • Publishing the Proceedings of the conference.
  • Establishing a scientific tradition to attract leading mathematicians abroad.

Short Course

Shayan Oveis Gharan
Log Concave Polynomials, Entropy and Deterministic Approximation Algorithm for Counting Bases of a Matroid

A SQP method for minimization of locally Lipschitz functions with nonlinear constraints


In this paper, we present a quadratic model for minimizing problems with nonconvex and nonsmooth objective and constraint functions. This method is based on sequential quadratic programming
that uses an l1 penalty function to equilibrate among the decrease
of the objective function and the feasibility of the constraints. To
construct a quadratic subproblem, we linearize the objective and constraint functions with their

On the Dimension of Unimodular Discrete Spaces

Abstract: This talk is focused on large scale properties of infinite graphs and discrete subsets of the Euclidean space. We present two new notions of dimension, namely the unimodular Minkowski and Hausdorff dimensions, which are inspired by the classical Minkowski and Hausdorff dimensions. These dimensions are defined for unimodular discrete spaces, which are defined in this work as a class of random discrete metric spaces with a distinguished point called the origin.

Short Course

Farzad Aryan, University of Montreal
Topics in analytic number theory

Short Course

Alireza Salehi Golsefidi UCSD
Random walk in compact groups


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