Seyed Mehdi Khaligh Razavi
The Aging Brain Under Scrutiny: Employing Artificial Intelligence for Early Detection of Cognitive impairment in Patients with Dementia

Despite significant progress in biomarker development for the diagnosis of dementia, these have yet to translate into efficient early diagnostic tools primarily due to limited sensitivity, cost considerations and ease of access. We developed an Al-assisted digital biomarker of cognitive performance, named Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) platform, appropriate for cognitive assessment and monitoring cognitive performance in normal aging and dementia Digital biomarkers have an advantage over fluid biomarkers, given their lower cost, accessibility, the possibility of remote administration and easier integration into routine clinical practice In a task-based fMRI study, we demonstrate that the ICA task engages areas that are amongst the earliest affected by Alzheimer's pathology in presymptomatic stages of the disease. The ICA also shows a strong correlation with severity of cognitive impairment and a high accuracy in detecting cognitive impairment (AUC=94%; 239 participants). With the advent of new Al tools (eg. ICA platform) with the potential to identify health conditions earlier, the focus should shift on treating early-stage diseases, rather than late-stage ones. This can fundamentally change the way the industry and research operates today towards more preventative rather than curative care